How Europe, India and Africa are incentivizing foreign investment

Published on January 11, 2022

Three of the world’s most diverse regions are offering attractive business incentives – but capitalizing on them requires guidance.

In brief
  • Governments in Europe, India and Africa are offering a range of incentives in order to attract businesses from around the world.
  • The sheer variety and specificity of these incentives creates a very complex environment for businesses aiming to find the one that works best for them.
  • A detailed understanding of this landscape is vital to facilitating effective decision-making – this could entail working with a partner with feet on the ground.

As the world fights to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, authorities across the globe are on the hunt for foreign investment. And they’re turning to subsidies, cash grants and tax deductions to entice it.

This is welcome news for international businesses, many of whom are seeking new avenues of recovery themselves, in a global operating environment that seems to be constantly shifting.

As to where a particular company may choose to locate, relocate or expand into, these days the world is their oyster. Their decision may have to accommodate certain factors, such as the need to remain close to critical markets, or to have confidence in the stability of the local economy. But being given extra support to pursue research and development (R&D), build that new facility or create new jobs can make a vital difference between shying away from a new venture or seizing the opportunity that comes from making a bold, long-term commitment.


For these adventurous multinational businesses, Europe, India and Africa offer the vast and diverse opportunities you’d expect of an area spanning three continents.

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