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Corporate services that suit your needs.

Our corporate services teams, based in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates, consists of professionals, specialising in Company Law of various jurisdictions, enhanced through years of experience and servicing a variety of clients throughout the world. We accomplish registration of international companies, banks, insurance companies, UK Companies, Cyprus Companies, UAE Companies, European investment companies, funds and trusts, in the most popular jurisdictions. 

Worldwide Company Formation

We offer an honest and client-orientated approach, which relies on effective communication. With constant changes in the company formation market, when setting up a business things may not go according to plan.

Our Services


  • Worldwide Company Formation and Administration
  • Representation Services
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Registered Office Services
  • International Corporate, Tax Advisory, and Compliance Services


  • Worldwide Banking Solutions
  • Bank Account Management Services

Let Us Guide You through Your Company Formation

We are here to guide you all the way so that you may achieve your goals. We have a very straightforward attitude to making the whole process as stress-free as possible for you; communication and attention to detail being the key to achieving this. As an ‘all-in-one’ service provider, we are able to offer all services associated with your business, from initial consultation through to finding offices, obtaining any necessary licenses and accountancy services.

Company Registrations Worldwide.

Exsus is a leading international company formation and corporate service provider. Whether you are looking to expand your business into a new geographical area or minimise your corporate tax obligations by incorporating in a tax efficient jurisdiction, we are here to help.

Exsus is the one-stop-shop for Corporate Services in Cyprus, the UK and the UAE with over 30 years of professional experience in setting up international companies on local soil. We are duly authorised to act as Corporate Services Provider by the Financial Services Authorities where we operate.

Corporate Structure Cyprus/ Overseas

There are a number of market entry options to become established locally in overseas markets, including subsidiary, branch, representative office, joint venture and other forms of partnership or alliance. In some cases, a company might also consider a manufacturing base or franchising.

It is a most important step to choose the right entity and developing an appropriate business structure. This needs to suit your company and your goals for the market, as well as being suitable for the conditions of the target country and complying with local rules and regulations. Your legal and tax implications, both in the foreign market and at home, also need to be taken into account.

We work closely with our clients to set up businesses in a correct and transparent manner.

Our Areas of Expertise

Company Registration and Formation

We assist businesses with the company registration procedure; Registration of Companies in Cyprus as authorized agents ensuring our company documentation is of the highest quality and always up-to-date in compliance with current regulation.

Company Redomiciliation

For businesses incorporated in any jurisdiction, irrespective of being EU, EEA countries and/or OECD member states, Our expert can assist you with company redomiciliation processes if you do not wish to liquidate your company due to tax, contractual or commercial reasons. Visit the contact us page to get started.

Corporate Mergers And Acquisitions

One method is the scenario of a purchaser company acquiring all assets and liabilities of shareholders of the merged company, in exchange for the issue to the shareholders of the companies being acquired of shares in the acquiring company.

Company Secretarial Services and Directorship

At Exsus, we provide you with administrative support and, with years of experience behind us, our qualified team assists you with professional directorship and secretarial services. Be rest assured that your company is compliant with the provisions of the Companies Act to avoid possible enforcement action for non-compliance by the Law.

Local and International Bank Account Opening

Our firm acts as an introducer of various banks worldwide to enable an individual or enterprise to successfully open and operate a bank account legally, within the terms of the business environment and industry that person is undertaking. Also, we can assist you with the opening of corporate or personal bank accounts and our experts will advise you.

Registered Office

Exsus offers the use of its premises as the registered office of companies registered in the UK and Cyprus. Protect the privacy of your home and enhance your corporate image with our prestigious, registered, office address, with all official government mail scanned and emailed to you, free of charge. For example, if you are from overseas you will need a UK address for your registered office.


Trusts - Setting up a Trust Fund

A cost-effective, customer-driven approach.

With a team of Exsus’  and partners qualified lawyers, accountants and auditors, our clients can be sure they are receiving professional services. We propose a cost-effective, customer-driven approach leveraging our in-house knowledge and experience and commit to providing a quick professional response to clients’ requests that satisfy their business needs.


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